Buy a Shelf Company

What is a Shelf Company?

A Shelf Company is a Pty (Ltd) Company, already CIPC-registered and with the following features:
a) The Shelf Companies we offer have not yet traded before.
b) There are no assets or liabilities attached to them.
c) We have registered them with the exclusive purpose of selling them.

If you have an upcoming contract or tender for which you only have a limited time to apply, and you need a registered company, then a Shelf Company might be your best /only option.

What are the advantages of a shelf company in South Africa?

a) It is possible to start trading with a shelf company within 24 hours after you bought it.
b) With a shelf company a trading name is already registered.
c) A share certificate is included in the Shelf Company deal.
d) A business bank account is included with selected options.
e) Our company supplies a Tax number from SARS at no additional cost.

The timeframes for our Shelf Companies are as follows:

1. The new Shelf Company owner will receive the registered shelf company within 24 hours after the purchase and the company registration number may then be used straight away. We include share certificates to proof new legal shelf company ownership.
2. We will send you the amended company registration certificate with your new company name and new company directors shortly after purchase. Contact our friendly consultants for the timeframe.
3. When all these steps have been taken, you will have a new company registered in your own name. Please note that extra services such as VAT Registration, Tax clearance and Letter of Good Standing etc. will require extra time at additional costs.

You can buy a Shelf Company Here

Our Shelf Companies are in high demand.

Please note that due to their popularity, we only have limited stock available, which means that you have to respond and purchase your shelf company within a 24 hour timeframe. It is sold strictly on a basis of “first come – first serve!”

Shelf Company Options and Pricing – LIMITED STOCK:

    • R3990: 2022 Shelf Company (incl. Name Change and Tax Clearance)
    • R24900: Urgent 2010 Shelf CC (Old Company Format)

All Shelf Company Options Include:

Free Name Change (included in price for all options).
Free Director Change (included in price for all options).
Free Address Change (included in price for all options).
Free Share Transfer (included in price for all options).
Free Share Certificates (included in price for all options).
Free Income Tax Number (included in price for all options).
Free BEE Affidavit (included in price for all options).
Tax Clearance (included with selected options).
Business Bank Account (included with selected options).
VAT Number (optional @ additional cost).

To start, visit this Shelf Company South Africa page