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Your new Company Registration at CIPC – Only R880! Fast and Easy. Free Consultation. Start Today.

If you want to register your new Company fast, easy and without any hassles, you have come to the right place. To do your Company Registration urgently, you can complete and submit the online form below and start ASAP. You can have your own Company for only R880, and we offer free consultation to help you get going.

Every month, hundreds of new Companies all over South Africa are registered by New Company Registration. If you want to realise your dreams and get your new business registered and running smoothly in the nick of time, contact us, as we are in the business of helping you fast and efficiently.

One Contact Person at a One-Stop Shop

We guarantee our dedicated support to you throughout the whole registration process, as it is our main goal to allow you to relax whilst we do the tedious work of dealing with Government Institutions such as CIPC, SARS and the Department of Labour. Our registration services are supplied all over South Africa and all that you need is a valid ID or Passport.

To make it even easier, you do not have to pay a visit to our offices, since the whole process can be done from the comfort of your office or even from home. As long as you have access to the internet, you can contact your dedicated Personal Consultant with any queries during the Company Registration process.

The Company Registration Experts in South Africa

Our staff members are experts in their respective fields and will ensure that all your Company’s standard requirements are in place – such as a PTY Company Registration, Tax Clearance, BEE etc., enabling your new Company to apply for tenders and contracts in South Africa. If you need more assistance we can also help you with VAT registration, COID Registration, Letter of Good Standing, Import / Export License, Website Design, Logos and much more. Just ask, we provide!

Take Action and Register Your Company Now

If you have a dream to start a Company – your own Company – contact us today so that we can register a company for you ASAP!

To Start, just complete and submit the online form below. Your Dedicated Consultant will then phone you in the next few hours to discuss your Company Registration and other needs. No obligation.

Proceed to Company Registration

It is easy to register your Company for only R880. It works as follows:

Step 1: Complete and submit the online sign up form provided below.
Step 2: You will receive a phone call where we will introduce ourselves and will also answer any queries from your side.
Step 3: You email us your ID and supported documents – we will help you along the way.
Step 4: You will shortly receive your brand new Company Registration Documents into your email, ready to use for tenders and contracts.
Step 5: If any extra services such as tax clearance, VAT registration, BEE, branding etc, are required, we will gladly assist you.

With our help and commitment you can register a brand new Pty company at CIPC for only R 880 without any of the accompanying problems involved. Your own professional consultant will help you, at no additional cost to save your valuable time so that you do not have to worry about the frustration of long queues or lost documents. Start now by completing and submitting the easy online form supplied below or Register a Company.

About New Company Registration

New Company Registration is an online agent of Company Partners and we assist business owners as well as entrepreneurs to register South African companies online at CIPC. If you want to start a business, we will help you to register your company fast and hassle free for only R880.

Why register a Pty Company in South Africa? If one runs a business, it is necessary to operate in a safe legal structure where your business assets and risks are separated from your personal ones. If you want to obtain a big contract or tender, it is just so much more professional to trade in a Pty Company capacity than in your private capacity.

The preferred choice of a legal business entity for most of the new South African Businesses is a Pty Company – and that is exactly why New Company Registration provides an online solution for the fast and effective registering of your Company. We offer a committed, dedicated and professional service at the excellent price of only R880 and a brand new “sate of the art” company within a few days! (please check our latest timeframes with your dedicated consultant)

Ten reasons why you should use New Company Registration

1. All in one go. We offer an online 1-stop-shop where you register your company over the internet. You can also receive your new Company’ tax clearance certificate, BEE, company logos and a Business bank account, all this from the comfort of your own home or office. Just complete and submit the easy online company registration form below to start.
2. Availability. It does not matter who you are or where you are located, our services are available all over South Africa – as we can help you over the internet.
3. Consultants. One of our efficient and dedicated consultants, specifically allocated to you, will be available to help you. To ease things up, you can contact the consultant on his/her toll free number or cell phone number whenever necessary.
4. Prices. Whether you need a personal consultation or advice, we offer the best prices in South Africa. Success is guaranteed or you get your money back. We also offer help with financing or tender searches, all free of charge.
5. Tracking system. You will be frequently updated, either by SMS or via e-mail, on your Company’s Registration process.
6. Direct dealing. No need to worry about dealing with Government – dealing with CIPC and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is done by our experienced consultants.
7. Timeframes. We know time equals money and therefore do not allow any backlogs. This helps us to register the companies as fast as possible. We have good report with the CIPC managers and we also continually monitor progress from Governments’ side, thus minimising delays.
8. Administration. The necessary CIPC application forms are completed by our experts and we also reassess all the paperwork you have done. You only need to relax and wait for your registration documents via e-mail, confirming that you may start trading.
9. Legality. When the whole process has been completed, verification of your company’s registration can be viewed on CIPC’s database.
10. Credibility. We, as agents of Company Partners Pty (Ltd) offer services and standards of the highest quality. Since our inception in 2006, you are guaranteed a professional Company Registration experience in South Africa.

What are the benefits of registering a Company in South Africa?

1. Your personal life and assets are separated from that of your Company.
2. To operate in a registered company’s name is more professional than in your personal capacity.
3. If you want to apply for tenders and contracts, then suppliers and government departments require that your business is registered as a company.

To Register your Company for only R880, just complete and submit the easy registration form below, and a friendly Consultant will contact you asap.

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