New Company Registration online 2019 in SA

Company Registration (New Name)


Register a New Name PTY for your Business. Only R880!

If you want to register a Company with a new name, you are at the right place! Some benefits of registering a Pty Company include: having a bank account, formal trading, fast growth, applying for tenders and contracts and supplier listings.

To get started, just complete and submit the easy online registration form below.

How we will register your brand new Company in South Africa:

1. Search the CIPC database:
Our company will do the research to determine if the company name your prefer or any alternative company names are still available.
2. Reserving of your Company name:
If your company name of choice is available, we will reserve it with the CIPC. However, if it is already in use, we will help you to reserve another suitable, relevant Company name.
3. Company Registration with your new Company name:
As soon as your new Company name has been reserved, registration of your new business will be done swiftly by our efficient consultants at the all inclusive price of only R880.

For your business to operate as a legal entity after company registration, the following documents are all included in the registration of your Company:

(1) Name Reservation Certificate. [COR9.4]
(2) Company Registration Certificate (previously known as the CK1 document for CC’s) [COR14.3]
(3) Appointment of Incorporators and Directors. [COR14.1 and CoR14.1A]
(4) The Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) – CIPC’s recommends this version. [COR15.1A]

How we deliver your Company documents to you:

Since the final and original documentation is issued by CIPC electronically, you will receive all your Company documents electronically from us (via email and within your online panel)

To register your new Company for only R880, just complete and submit the easy online registration form below, and a dedicated Consultant will contact you asap to assist.

Register a Company in South Africa with a new Name

What are the advantages of registering your own Company with a brand new name?

1. Your own unique identity: Your company will be different from other Pty business options, as it will have the name of your choice, creating a distinctive, ”Brand-creating” identity.
2. Starting to trade:  As soon as your Pty Company is registered at CIPC with its own company name and business bank account, you can start trading. We can continue to help you to also apply for other beneficial certificates such as; BEE, Tax clearanceLetter of Good Standing, CIDB Registration etc.
3. Tax deductions/benefits: Your registered Pty Company will qualify for the following tax deduction advantages/returns; Medical Aid, Charity/donations, motor car expenses, home office space and other business related expenses.
4. Minimising risk: As a Pty company’s owner / director or shareholder you are much more protected when you are trading, than you would be if you were dealing under your own name, because the business is a separate legal entity.
5. Liquidity: As compared to other company formations, private companies are more liquid, meaning it is easier for them to buy and sell shares. Through the allocation of shares such a company can consist from 1 to 50 directors or shareholders.