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VAT Registration

Easy VAT Registration

Which one – Mandatory or Voluntary VAT Registration?

If you want to apply for tenders, enter into contracts or want to be listed as a supplier, it is compulsory to have a VAT number. We can do the VAT registration of your company at SARS swiftly and hassle free. To make life easier for you, complete and submit the easy online form at the bottom of this page.

Value-Added Tax or VAT is an indirect taxation on the consumption of food, goods and services by vendors in our economy. This means the tax is not directly deducted from income but rather levied on services or goods rendered by companies. As such, any company in South Africa, that is registered for VAT is obliged to add an extra 14% to the price of the products or services it offers. This 14% tax is payable to SARS as VAT and is deductible from most company expenses, i.e. rental and transport fees.

VAT Registration

The two types of VAT that a company can register for:

1. Voluntary VAT registration

As part of our services, our company can register your new company for VAT without delay, you only have to provide us with invoices, accompanied by a certified bank statement that amounts to R 50 000 or more. If that is not possible, you can also submit invoices for two consecutive months, which exceed R 4300 /month.

2. Mandatory VAT Registration

Your company is legally required to register for VAT at SARS, when it is clear that your company’s turnover (sales) exceed the R1 million mark within a period of 12 months.

Deregistration of VAT

Please note: we can also help if your company is registered for VAT and you want to deregister it.

What are the requirements for VAT Registration?

1. A legally registered Pty Company, with which we can assist.
2. Your company is also in need of a Verified Tax Registration number at SARS. We can also assist with this.

What should I do if I do not have a registered company?

Just contact us and we will assist you with a new or shelf Company Registration.

Are there any advantages to register for VAT?

1. Quoting and invoicing: Most companies, particularly those in the construction and transport industries, stipulate that quotes and invoices that are issued must have a VAT number.
2. Tenders and contracts: As soon as you have registered for VAT, you will receive your VAT number. If your company is not registered for VAT, you are usually not allowed to apply for tenders or enter into contracts.
3. Service Provider listings: In order for your company to be listed as a Service Provider or supplier for government institutions or large corporations, a VAT certificate is required.

What is our VAT registration process?

1. Apply underneath: As soon as you have submitted your Vat Number application online, we will request more information from you so that we can continue the processing of your application for this service.
2. SARS Offices: Due to SARS’ systems usually being time consuming and complicated, it can sometimes take months to obtain your VAT Number certificate. With our specialised knowledge and sound relations with SARS management, the whole process; from our consultants visiting SARS offices, dealing with the complicated systems and obtaining the certificate can be done fast and without any delay.
3. Our efficient, well trained SARS team will ensure that your company is registered for VAT for you to receive your company’s VAT number in the shortest possible timeframe.

To register your Company for VAT, just complete and submit the easy online registration form below, and a friendly Consultant will contact you.